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It all begins here...

Everyday begins the same in the south 40. As students enter the classroom they are handed a 5-minute-drill work sheet called LaGambo. A LaGumbo might require the student to search for information in the text, summarize it, use it to create a map, a bar graph, compare and contrast two different sets of facts, or create a short paragraph about a Louisiana historical fact or event. It might ask them to look at a photograph in the text and analyze what they see, listed specific details in the photo, explain why they think the photographer took the photo, and then give the photo a creative title. All of this in just five minutes after entering the room.

From there they copy the daily Louisiana Fact from the board as Mr. E. explains what went on years ago on this date. Students who are absent can get all the facts by going to www.Louisiana101.com, Mr. E's Louisiana History web page. On the left hand menu, students will find a link to all the facts for the year.

With that out of the way, the day's lesson begins. Students must bring to class:
#2 PENCILS (sharpen)
A 12 Pack of PENCIL COLORS (no crayons or markers)

Rule #1 in my class is that once you enter my class at the beginning of the period, you will not leave "UNTIL THE BELL RINGS". That simply means "Take care of your personal business - rest room, water, lockers, visiting - BEFORE class. No one leaves the room. If a student has medical problem it should be documented in the office. 
Emergencies will be handled at the teacher's discretion.

Learning proper behavior and how to act in class begins at home AND years before a student walks into my classroom. However, if there is a problem, I will first warn the student then issue appropriate detention and or punish work. This year the team has created a Seven-Step system of handling classroom behavior problems.

Team 7 Violation of the rules will result in:

1. Verbal warning
2. Classroom punishment/loss of privileges
3. Team/student conference (Monday/Tuesday)
4. Phone call to parent/guardian
5. Team detention on Wednesday afternoon 
(30 minutes and sign a behavior contract) 2:45 – 3:15pm
6. Parent conference with Assistant Principal
7. Student sent to office 

Tardiness will be handled according to the agenda book guidelines outlined below:
Tardiness will be recorded in grade book
a. 1st Tardy: Warning 
b. 2nd Tardy: Classroom punishment/loss of privileges
c. 3rd Tardy: Phone call home and Wednesday afternoon Team 7 detention
d. 4th Tardy: Documented referral to the office.

Interim grades will be issued at mid six weeks from each seventh grade teacher. Any other requests for grade information should be directed through the office. Weekly grade reports are available from the counselor's office.

The CPSB dress code will be strictly enforced in my classroom. Read and follow the agenda book and we will have no problems.

Students will have ample chances to improve their grades though online extra credit. They may take these test in my classroom at lunch and after school, during homeroom, at home, at the public library, a friend's house, other classrooms. Extra credit for each six weeks will be cut off at the end of the fifth week of the sixth weeks. Tests can been found online at QuizLab.com. Students know the 'class word' and their own password. \
Extra Credit online book reports will also be available for students.

Student teachers and McNeese student observers will be treated with the same respect that is given me. Punishment will be doubled for any rule violation directed towards student teachers, observers, administration, and or substitutes. My rules and the resulting punishment has bee discussed with each child from the very first day of school. There are no excuses for not knowing how to behave in my classroom.

Parents may contact Mr. English by email or by calling the school at 477-3310 to set up a team appointment. The seventh grade team does not hold individual meetings. We feel that it is in the best interest of the child for everyone to all "be on the same page" when in comes to working with each student. No one likes to get information second hand.

A final note. This room is my home away from home 9-10 hours a day. I expect students and visitors to treat it as my home and I will treat them accordingly. Lets all have a great year.

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