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JULY 2000Since this site became listed in the Clairmont Press Louisiana Teacher's Guide it has undergone a major facelift. All pages should load faster, there are more lesson ideas, worksheets, games, and just lots of lagniappe to make your day go better. My goal this year is to add everything that I do this year to this site. I will post all worksheets, with notes as to whether it worked or not, and what I would change.

As I have said in the past, I don't believe I have any great ideas, just a few workable ones, and I am always open to your input here. Be sure to email me with your comments, suggestions, and ideas. I have a Lesson Plan page just waiting for YOUR ideas.

lagniappe too!

I would like to thank a wonderful friend and fellow Sulphur High School alum, now a professional web designer, who took this site under her wing and more than helped me polish this site. Without her I would still be struggling to make this run right. Thank you Mary, from the bayous of South Louisiana to the hills of Oklahoma.

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Surfing the net I found a fellow 'neighbor' here on Geocities' BourbonStreet. I met a Cajun with lots of great music which I added to this site (look for 'Shrimpy'). I would like for you to visit him some time and hear all his music, taste his recipes, and 'pass a good time'. Therefore, when you have a chance stop by theCajun's Music & Recipe Site and tell him Greg sent you.

Now, just let Shrimpy get your toes tappin' from time to time.

About This Louisiana History Teacher's Site

This website began life in 1998 when a group of Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana eighth grade social studies teachers got together to discuss ways of helping each other with lesson plan exchanges. We came up with the idea of a newsletter. It worked for a short time but soon material to 'exchange' stopped coming into the newsletter office. I guess everyone just gets too busy to help out. We are all guilty of getting in over our head.

Finally I began playing with the idea of a web site for exchanges. I had the ideas to put out on loan and this seemed the easiest way for teachers to get them. Call up what you want and print it out...how much easier can it be.

As time goes by I will continue to post new materials, new lesson ideas, web sites that relate to material in the text, and just 'neat stuff' for you to use.

I'm always looking for material to add here. Lesson plans to help new teachers, fun facts to spark a student's interest, anything you would like to offer.

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