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My 97-98 homeroom class and I
My homeroom bunch and I from '97-'98.

Mr. E.'s Louisiana History Classroom

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my classroom My Room - When I first walked into this room it was empty. It had been the old football weight and equipment room. I instantly saw 'cubbyholes' filled with Louisiana treasures. Most visitors call it the Louisiana Gift Shop or Louisiana Museum of Lake Charles. Most of what is displayed here is either items I have collected from flea markets and garage sales or things students have brought over the years for extra credit.

inside my classroom You can find Mardi Gras posters, houses built for class projects, cups, food items, beads, menus, posters, Zapps Chips, almost anything you are interested in.

Louisiana's 10 flags flag overhead and political sides cover the walls. Each year it is a little different, each day some student brings in new items to find space for. inside my classroom

inside my classroom There are more than two dozen small Louisiana displays around the room and surprising over the years only one item has been stolen. Not bad considering over 150 students pass this way every day.

inside my classroom (You just never know what your students are going to do. This was Halloween '97)

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