Create A State

Create-a-State samplesOver the years one of the activities that my students have enjoyed is creating their own state map. It may seem strange that they would enjoy map work but with this project they can put so much of themselves in it that it makes for fun.

Each student creates a state travel map based on a set outline map ditto that they are given. Directions are then given as to the number of parishes, highways, cities, parks, legends, and so on that are needed. Within those guidelines they are free to name their state anything (within decency). They create names of towns, lakes, rivers, etc. Lots of their states have themes - rock groups, rap bands, soaps, friends, the WWF, etc. See samples.

This project generally takes between 2-5 class periods. It can be as detailed as you want it to be. Add or subtract from the directions based on your needs. It does give the student a real understanding of how to read a map, why cities are located where they are, how to figure mileage, and simply how to read a travel map - a basic life skill

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