Louisiana Parish MapLouisiana Parish Map


Shreveport, Caddo


Note: I took off one Saturday morning I took off wanting to drive across north Louisiana and since I was coming from near the bottom I knew it was going to be a lot oF driving and not much taking photos. The day started in Bossier and heading east to East Carroll. It was all in the love of what I teach.

Morehouse is another of those "there is nothing there"  type of parishes in north Louisiana.

Basically I really only got to see Bastrop and Mer Rouge and a TINY bit of Bonita,

I was told to get a picture of this cuch because it would go good with my chapel done south of Baton Rouge....

Mer Rouge, such a 'cute, nothing town'.

I love old murals because they tell a good story about the town.

Louisiana Parish Map

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