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Note: I took off one Saturday morning I took off wanting to drive across north Louisiana and since I was coming from near the bottom I knew it was going to be a lot of driving and not much taking photos. The day started in Bossier and heading east to East Carroll. It was all in the love of what I teach.

My trip across the parish began in the areas around Athens before I headed up to Homer.

I was really looking forward to going to Homer considering I have heard storys about my family living up there pre-Civil War, I want to see if I had any long -lost family up there. As I got ready to go to north Louisiana I found out that 'my family' had moved around the beginning of the Civil War as the Yanks were on the move up the red River. Tales I heard were that my grandfather moved to go to Dallas area which made since because I could date my great-great grandfather being born in 1865 in Dallas county.

It all made sence so I just knew there was family up there. But I also learned that he owned a slave when he was in and around Homer. When I got up there I grided a phone book and their were lots of English's. Page after page. Surely one of them had to be related. I started calling - all blacks. More calls, more blacks. I finally got one old lady who was excited and to talk.

She told me the stories she grew up with about my g-g-g-g-grand dad. He was up there and he own ONE slave who worked WITH him, ate with him, slept in the same house, and so on. When my g-g-g-g- grandfather left he just left his slave there on the "farm" and never came back. All the English's up there are related to that one english who took  my g-g-g-g grandfather's name when he left. I have lot's of relatives up there but not my kind of relatives up there.

It's a story I can tell but I still don't have anything t go on sine he died, left, fell of the face of the earth after his son was born.

Well the trip was almost worth it.

After spending way to much time in Homer I drove north to Haynesville near the Arkansas border.

My brain kept thinking back to my conversations and the fact that I was so close but so far away from knowing the story of my own family. I did know that he RAN  from fighting in the Civil War but that's all I know.

I was walking the same ground that my family did many a many a years ago.

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