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Shreveport, Caddo


Note: I took off one Saturday morning with the idea I was going to find the geo-marker for NW Louisiana. It was a long drive since I live near the vey SW corner of the state. But that's just what I do in my travelers around the state. Told my wife I would stay in touch. No one ever wanted to go with me because I could never tell them when I was going to be there, where we would eat, where the potty stops would be or when we were going to be home. I made trip up there in about 5 hours then shot photos and drove back home. It was all in the love of what I teach.

The last real marker before to get to the end of highway 1. The 'town' of Rodessa. You know you need to start looking now.

I had my photos and I was on my way back, but i had a lot more to take photos of, but I had what a came for when I set on on this trip early this morning.

I always stop when I see things that might not be there the next time I come this way. This old school was just one of the items that will be lost in time the next trip. I pulled out my 'travel guide and found out a bit about it'.

Then I did something you ARE NOT supposed to do but I did anyway. I went inside.

Most doors were locked or barricaded but I did get in a little ways through one door. I know. I'm nosey.

This seemed so strange. A graveyard just outside of the door. Weird.

I wanted to get this photo too because I had read a lot about it. And it was even better than I expected. What a painting!

A nice photo of Shreveport and the Red River. It's time to head back in the direction of home. Of course I have to stop and eat, made no bathroom stops, made no phone calls, All I did was text my wife that I made it to the top and I'm okay.

Of course, being up there I had to go by and take photos of Caddo Lake. The trip would not be complete if I didn't.

The trip was rewarding.

Here's the end of the road so-to-speak as I go to the TX-LA-ARK state line in the NW corner of La after about five hours on the road.

I finally found the marker I was looking for to the north side of the road out in the weeds and near a large tree. The marker did show all corners and I shot lots of pictures just to be able to say I was there. After that, I turned around a headed home - sort of.


Vivian is the next to last stop on the way to the NW corner or the second site coming back home depending which way your going.

The cemetery just outside of the old Rodessa school seem strangely placed there. But it made for some great research.

Getting back into Shreveport felt like you were closer to home but I knew I was still a long ways away.

I had to stop here at the auditorium because of Elvis playing here at the "Louisiana Hayride" and trying to make a fellow teacher happy because "she loves Elvis".

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