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Sample Yearly Lesson Plan

change as needed for your school district

Every school board as its own idea as to how to write a yearly plan and within those districts, every principal has his or her own ideas. This SAMPLE plan is basic guide for new teachers to help them over the rough first year. It may not be perfect, but it's a start.

General Content Outline

Louisiana History

  • I. First Six Weeks
    • A. Geography
    • 1. Map skills (one week)
    • 2. Climate and weather (three weeks)
    • 3. Natural resources (one week)
    • 4. Cultural influences (one week)
  • II Second Six Weeks
    • A. Early Louisiana
    • 1. Louisiana Indians (two weeks)
    • 2. French Louisiana (three weeks)
    • 3. Acadian Folk Life (one week)
  • III. Third Six Weeks
    • 3. Spanish / Acadian Louisiana (two weeks)
    • 4. Pioneer Louisiana (two weeks)
    • 5. Statehood (two weeks)
  • IV. Fourth Six Weeks
    • 6. Antebellum Louisiana (two weeks)
    • 7. Civil War (two weeks)
    • 8. Reconstruction / transition [to1920] (two weeks)
  • V. Fifth Six Weeks
    • A. Modern Louisiana
    • 1. Early 20th Century, background on Long Era (one week)
    • 2. Huey Long (two weeks)
    • 3. Modern Political Era (two weeks)
    • 4. Political organization (one week)
  • VI Sixth Six Weeks
    • 5. Commerce and Industry (one week)
    • 6. The people of Louisiana: Diversity (two weeks)
    • 7. Critical issues and problems (two weeks)
    • 8. Wrap-up (one week)

Even though a time allocation is shown, class readiness, school interruptions, and forces outside the teacher's control mean that he or she should use their own judgement in distributing instructional time among the various units and chapters.


Sample Lesson Plan
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