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Sample Lesson Plan

change as needed for your school district

Every school board as its own idea as to how to write a lesson plan and within those districts, every principal has his or her own ideas. This SAMPLE plan is basic guide for new teachers to help them over the rough first year. It has been approved by three different principals and two assistants. That doesn't make it right, but it helps.

Lesson Plans Date(s) ________________________

Chapter 9

Specific Objective:
The student will be able to relate to and appreciated the role Louisiana played in the American Revolution and the changes that were about to be made in the "state" of Louisiana.

Pencils, ditto paper, maps, study sheets and other items listed with each daily plan below.

As demonstrated by completed work, students will show their knowledge of Independence, Galvez, Pensacola, Treaty of Paris, Acadians, Creoles, New Orleans' fires, Carondelet, and le Moniteur de la Louisiana.

Daily Plans:
___ Continuation of Newspaper project if needed: Have students continue chapter 8 newspaper writing assignment as needed. Due date: ________________

___ Day one: Discuss: overall chapter theme. Tell about Galvez's secret aid to the colonies and his campaigns along the Gulf coast. Treaty of Paris. Hand out terms list #1, begin to discuss and define terms.
Teacher notes: Have students chapter review, sections A, B, D. Write questions. Alternate assignment: Outline chapter. Have students bring Spanish moss to use in project later this week.

___ Day two: Discuss what the U.S. go following the treaty of Paris, What did Spain get, what flags flew over Louisiana (Bourbon Spain/ American 15 star). Have students draw and color these flags.

___ Day three: Discuss the second wave of Acadians; the problems with the Creoles, Governor Miro. Explain building of houses - Bousillage (BOO ze YAZH), moss and mud wall mixture. Plan to do wall tomorrow. Show wall frame. Explain the fires of 1788 and 94 and why they happened. Begin Governor Carondelet.
Teacher notes: Be sure to have all materials ready for Bousillage project.

___ Day four: Weather permitting, go outside and demonstrate Bousillage wall covering. Have students do section by mixing mud and moss to right consistency. Apply to slats, let dry.
Teacher notes: Be sure to set up project in area away from general student traffic.

___ Day five: Weather permitting, have students white wash bousillage wall.

___ Day six: Discuss the new Louisiana newspaper Le Moniteur de la Louisiana, Explain the end of Spanish rule and the impact on Louisiana culture, food, art and buildings. Do Map study p. 71 TG.
Teacher notes: Enlarge copy of Moniteur and see if students can make out what was being reported at that time. French students may have more luck with this.

___ Day seven: Test

Evaluation Procedure:
Students will be evaluated daily, weekly, and by grading period through:
(1) oral and physical participation in discussions and class work;
(2) their physical work in progress, and
(3) visual evaluation of each assignment - both completed and noncompleted.

Student materials list
Notebook paper
Folder to keep loose papers in
black ink pen
pencil colors
text book

also must know the homework hotline number and class code


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