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Start the Year with Parishes
A Great Way to Start the Year
from Paul Gauthe
St. Cletus Elementary School

I use an overhead and a LA parish map to display an image of the map on a wall. I then trace the map on a 6' x 8' piece of paper. After tracing the map, I label and cut out each parish then laminate the pieces. I put each piece in a separate envelope for storage.

During the first week of school each child picks an envelope for a parish assignment. They have to find out as much as they can about the parish they pick. They then use the laminated pattern to trace and cut out their parish on a piece of poster board. The information is be placed on their parish piece of the map. They have one week to put this material together.

They also have to prepare a three minute oral presentation on their parish which is then given to the class. After each student gives their presentation, they then put their parish "piece of the map" on the wall, eventually reconstructing the LA parish map.

Note: "I'm sure other teachers have used this same activity or one similar to it but I thought I'd offer it just in case no one else has sent it to you." ~ Paul

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