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"Design a Louisiana T-shirt"

Rachel White
McNeese State University

This lesson helps students focus of the best parts of Louisiana. By designing a shirt to "sell to the public" they get to think about all the things positive about our state and put that image of a shirt.

The "CRI-TEE-RIA" includes having a catchy saying with a little humor, have bold colorful, eye-catching graphics, and must have accurate content.

This ideas can be used as  for any chapter. It could be a shirt to represent a time period in history or a historical site. They could do this to celebrate a great event - "What if the student was a t-shirt vendor after the Battle of New Orleans, following the end of slavery, as a protest of the Jim Crow laws, or after Huey was shot? What type of shirt would they create to sell?

  • Step one: Print out t-shirt templates and Cri"Tee"ria sheet.
  • Step two: Explain that the student is to create a shirt (front and/or back) that postively represents the state (or historial event).
  • Step three: Shirt should be finished in pencil colors and black ink.
The word.doc files can be printed from here: 
T-shirt front, back, and Cri-Tee-ria. Plain T-shirt, (no header)
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