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"Louisiana's Native American Tribes"

"Group Assignment"

Jennifer Russell
Louise S. McGehee School

This lesson ideas uses a variation of over plans. With all lesson ideas, teachers modify them to fit their students or time schedule.

The five tribes include:
1. Caddo (Kodohadacho)
2. Chitimachas
3. Choctaw
4. Houma
5. Tunica-Biloxi

You will work on this assignment as a group and each will be given one tribe to research. You will present your research to the class at the end of the assignment. You can use your textbook, encyclopedias, library books, the internet, and the Encarta for information.

A good starting point for internet research on Louisiana Indians is:


1. Research Information: You need to find out about your tribe and write a summary. You should try to locate information regarding the following: farming, food, arrowheads, games, dress, dance, language, cooking, pottery, and location of tribe. You should also explain how the geography affected the way the Indians lived, where they settled, and how they survived. You may not find all this information, and you may find more than this. Write a summary of everything that you find out about your tribe that you feel is important.

2. Artifacts: You will be required to make one artifact that represents your tribe to present to the class. You may use any materials to make your artifacts Some suggestions include pottery made with clay, a canoe made with paper and clay, or arrowheads made from clay.

3. Map: Make a map showing your tribe's location. Make sure that you show the map to the class during your presentation

4. Present-Day Indians: Write a short explanation of how life has changed for Indians from prehistoric to present day. Include changes in transportation, animal life, and ways to make a living, ways to meet basic needs, education, and lifestyle.

5. Presentation: You and your group need to prepare a speech for the class about your tribe. Each member of the group must present a part of the information located.
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