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The Louisiana Poster Map

from Greg English
Oak Park Middle School

During the early part of the year my students complete a map of Louisiana large enough to fit a sheet of 22"x27" posterboard. We divide Louisiana into six sections and discuss and label each section. Generally I use an overhead of each section to show students where items are to be placed.

While studying each region we talk about the highways, waterways, historical sites, colleges, major cities, and other important information.

Each section is on a different sheet of ditto paper and when they are each completed, they are cut out and assembled like a puzzle. State symbols are then added along with a title, map key, compass rose, and other required data.

Below you will find the work sheets for each section plus dittos for the directions, items required, and state symbols. You will also find simple cheap sheets and the Power-Points used in class for this project.

Louisiana Poster Map Word Docs

Louisiana Poster Map Power-Points [Just the way students saw them in class]

Mr. E's Cheat Sheets

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