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Cultural Regions and Festivals of Louisiana

from Bryan Perkins
Calcasieu Parish Schools

1.The student will examine how cultural events have Louisiana and local heritage.
2.The student will describe examples of the elements of festivals based on culture in our state.
3.The student will compare festivals in each cultural region of the state and identify similarities and differences of each region and the impact of its people.

Essential Questions:
1.What are some differences in the culture of Louisiana based on different culture regions of our state?
2.How do festivals play an important role in the heritage of the people of Louisiana.
3.What types of ethnic backgrounds are found in Louisiana? How have ethnic backgrounds influenced festivals in each cultural region? Begin lesson by showing different types of festival attire (ex. Mardi Gras, Native American, fisherman, etc.) depending on which festivals you plan to discuss. Allow student to discuss the area of the state these items might be found.

Text, Internet, reference materials, travel pamphlets, pictures of clothing examples

1.Use books obtained from Tourist Bureau (Louisiana Festivals)
2.Group students (in library w/tour guide books, reference materials, and internet access) allowing each group to find five festivals, based on culture, to share.
3.Each group is to research the festivals chosen and their purpose (origin) based on cultural regional. (Sportsman Paradise, Crossroads, Cajun Country, Plantations, Greater New Orleans) and describe similarities and differences.
4.Use Venn Diagram to compare and contrast festivals researched.

Informal - Group presentation using Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting festivals based on origin, culture, and ethnic background.

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