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Louisiana Physical Environment
Student letter writing experience
from Todd LeJune
Calcasieu Parish Schools


Students will be able to compare/contrast how different physical environments affect history, economy, and lifestyles of that area's people.


1. Assign to each student a parish other than Calcasieu (local).

2. Using the internet, students are to find the name and address of a middle school within that parish.

3. After spending time with your students explaining how to write a letter, have each student write a letter to a student at that school in their grade level. The letter should include information about our area (geographic, economic, historic, etc.) The student should also include information about themselves (hobbies, family, interest, etc.). The students are then ask the other student for information about their area. Begin letter by writing "Dear 7th Grade Student,".

4. The teacher must also write a cover letter explaining the activity. Your letter and the student's letter are to be mailed to the school found on the internet in an envelope provided by the student. Have the students address the letter "To any Louisiana History Teacher".

5. After a few weeks, your students should begin receiving responses. Allow students to share the information with their classmates. Also keep track of responses by placing dots on a Louisiana Road Map. Students usually continue writing each other after the first letter. Email is also another possible connection if the other school is online.

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