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Ideas generated at a Mike Muir Inservice
A Great Way to Start a Unit

Mike suggested that each lesson/unit/chapter have an overall question dealing with the important concepts students should learn from a lesson.

Below are a few of the teacher generated Essential Questions for various Louisiana History Lessons.
  • How have cultural elements and folklore shaped our state and local heritage?
  • How has the Louisiana location impacted the history and economy of the state?
  • How does the Napoleonic Code compare to and differ from common law?
  • How can ethnic groups in Louisiana preserve their culture?
  • Why do I need to know about latitude and longitude in my everyday world?
  • How can I change a law I don't like?
  • If I were an Attakapa Indian, what happened to me?
  • How would we survive without money?
  • How has the Mississippi River affected Louisiana's history and lifestyle more than any other factor?
  • Now that I am dead and gone, how will you know I was here?

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