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Louisiana Road Trip
Effectively / Economically plan a Louisiana road trip
from Wade Haymark
Calcasieu Parish Schools


Divide the class into groups of 2, 3, or 4

May 'travel' anywhere in Louisiana at least 50 miles from Lake Charles

This is a weekend road trip, lasting from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening

Students are given "$200" dollars to spend.

Trip must be realistic.

The only activity that students are legally able to do is 'drive'. Encourage them to stay away from Bourbon Street, casinos, etc.

Provide the following information to the students:
Gas = $1.15 per gallon (subject to change)
20 gallon gas tank, travel 250 miles per tank.
Hotel = $75 per night for a double, $45 per single.
Meals = $5 per

Students must keep track of and record the following:

Directions, cities traveled through, attractions, admissions, accommodations, food, fuel, mileage, money left over.

EVALUATION: Students must present the results of their road trip before the class.

MATERIALS: Louisiana road maps, travel guides, tourist information handouts, internet.


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