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"My Hometown"

Susan Hastings former high school geography and free enterprise teacher (now middle school English teacher who would love to teach Louisiana Studies)


I came up with this idea last summer while snapping photographs of Bossier City and nearby Shreveport.  Many people, not just students, do not know as much about their area/hometown as tourists to the area learn upon arrival.  This project is flexible in time allotment as well as assessment methods.
Students may bring in photographs taken by themselves or family members, photographs from websites, or pictures from magazines/newspapers featuring their area or hometown.  If a student is not native to the area, he/she may highlight his/her hometown area (if originally from Louisiana) or truly become a tourist in the new adopted hometown.
With the photographic material the students collect, they may create a PowerPoint or scrapbook page detailing the hometown.  Bonus points or alternate activities may include class field trips to area landmarks, guest speakers, "tourist videos" if a video camera is available for student use, tourism brochures, or travel magazine articles depicting the hometown area from a tourist's perspective.
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