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Scavenger Hunt
A Louisiana Almanac Activity
from Joni Harrington
Calcasieu Parish Schools

With your partner, complete the activity on loose-leaf paper.

1.How many categories are listed in the contents?

2.In what chapter can you find information about wildflowers in Louisiana?

3.Where can you find out about what committees are in the Legislature? Name 3.

4.Where can you find out about when sugarcane is harvested?

5.How long is the navigable length of the Amite River?

6.When is Destrehan Manor (a plantation) open?

7.What is the zip code for Pollock, Louisiana?

8.On January 1, 1968, LSU played a bowl game against Wyoming. What was the bowl game and what was the score?

9.List two Louisiana festivals that occur in July.

10.What is the address for the Wildlife Museum in Houma?

11.What was the year the Louisiana Forestry Commission was established.

12.When was the longest boxing match in history held? Where was it? How long did it last? (Louisiana Superlatives)

13.How much does a lifetime license cost for a resident under age 14?

14.How many calories does one medium caramel have?

15.What happened on April 30, 1803?

Students should share copies of a current Louisiana Almanac. The idea behind the activity is to acquaint students with the Louisiana Almanac. This is a good activity for the first week of school.

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