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Louisiana Quilt
A wonderful way to study parishes

from Brenda Harp

Make a La quilt like the early Acadian women did for entertainment. Each student will make 2 squares for the quilt. We make one for a unit on the parishes. Each student picks a Northern parish and a Southern parish. They find as much info on that parish as they can using the La Almanac, computers, etc.

They must draw the parish on a plain sheet of paper and draw in symbols, pictures, etc. or short written facts that describe that parish. They back their "squares" with construction paper. They give an oral report using the squares to the rest of the class. Then we hot glue each square onto a large plastic tablecloth and add additional symbols to fill in. We try to glue the squares in approximately the same area of the state that it is located.

Makes a nice homemade quilt like the Acadians did at their quilting bees!!!!!

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