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A New Louisiana Festival
Create a brand new Louisiana Festival
from Greg English
Calcasieu Parish Schools

The student or student group will create a new Louisiana festival to celebrate a food, music, or historic place or event. They will research current festivals using the text, internet, Louisiana Festival Guides, and the state almanac. Remember this must be a totally new festival.

The students will:

_____ Research current fairs and festivals
_____ Come up with an idea to celebrate
_____ Plan a location for festival (town/parish)
_____ Plan time of year for festival (harvest, anniversary)
_____ Create a reason for this event to be held
_____ Create a list of festival events (contests, music, dances...)
_____ On ditto of t-shirt, design a full color logo for festival
_____ On ditto of computer screen, create web address and full color opening page of festival website
_____ Create a full color mini-poster on a half sheet of posterboard, 14x22
_____ Write a (150+ word) news release explain festival
_____ Give a brief oral report about festival when called upon

Grade will be based:
50% - Daily class work
40% - assignments: t-shirt logo, webpage, poster, news release
10% - Oral report

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