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What if?

Greg English

Looking for a lesson idea or a way to get students thinking?

How about asking them "What if" style questions?

  • What if Bienville's little lie at the English Turn had not been believed by the British captain of the Caroline Galley?

  • What if Huey Long had not died that day in the state capital?

  • What if Huey Long HAD gone on to become president?

  • What if Jean Lafitte had not helped the Americans at the Battle of New Orleans?

  • What if the Americans had lost the battle of New Orleans?

  • What if Edwin Edwards had not gone to jail - would he still be governor?

  • What if Napoleon had not sold Louisiana?

  • What if Louisiana had not be split into two parts after the purchase?

  • What if Katrina had hit the southwestern Louisiana coast instead of New Orleans?

  • What if Bonnie and Clyde didn't take that road in Bienville parish that day?

  • What if the Acadians had never made it to Louisiana?

  • What if the Acadians had never been kicked out of Acadie?

  • What if the 2010 oil spill had been hit by a hurricane like Katrina or Rita?

  • What if St. Denis didn't stop along the Red River?

  • What if the Saints lost the Superbowl?

  • What if the south had won the civil war?

  • What if Spain decided to keep Louisiane?

  • What if Napolean had not sold Louisiana?

  • What if the Sabine Strip had gone to Texas?

  • What if slaves had had cellphones?

  • What if Andy Jackson had a cellphone?

  • What if the civil war had never happened?

  • What if Louisiana had counties like everyone else?

  • What if P.G.T. Beauregard was killed in that first fight in South Carolina?

  • What if Calcasieu (or some other parish) had not been formed?

  • What if Iberville never found the river either?

  • What if St. Denis was shot (or hung) at San Jaun Baptista?

  • What if crawfish was never discovered?

  • What if Thomas Jefferson and congress said "No" to the deal they were offered?

  • What if the walls of the Pea Patch farm could talk?

  • What if the halls of (Nottoway, Myrtles, Oak Alley, Laura, Whitney, etc) could talk?

  • What if the palisades at Fort St. Jean could talk?

  • What if the walls of the new State Capital could talk?

  • What if the walls of the Old State Capital could talk?

  • What if the alter of the Cathedral could talk?

  • What if Louisiana did not loose shoreline but gained it?

  • What if Bobby Jindal became president?

  • What if John Bel Edwards was related to Edwin Edwards?

  • What if Hurricane Rita hit the southeastern side of the state?

  • What if the Saints had won the Superbowl in New Orleans?

What if other teachers sent me their own "what if" questions to be added here? Just think about what critical thinking questions we could ask?

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