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"Post Cards around the..."

Greg English
Oak Park Middle

Another Louisiana History Creative Writing Assignment

Create a set of index cards containing the names of several dozen countries/states/parishes – as many as the names of students you have and have them create a two sided post card using a 5x6 index card or size of your choice.

On the face (blank side) have them do full color art from the country/state/parish they randomly selected from the ones you previously produced. On the reverse side have the research and write about the: • Language of the country • Main religion • Population • Government • Main crops • Music • Clothing • Continent they are on • Timezone most of the country is in • or general information you wish about the country/state/parish

During the early part of the year my students produce parish cards, but as we get closer to the LEAP test they produce country cards as a review for the test. The parish cards include• Cultural region• Main crops•Population • historical sites•schools/universities•etc

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