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"The Info-Box"

Greg English
Oak Park Middle School

The Info-Box is a simple hands on activity sheet which I use getting students to do research on a selected parish. I have them select a parish to research (not our own). Once the research is complete they fill in the Info-Box with all the required information such as geographic land features, cultural foods, industries, etc. They then have to create a small flag to represent that parish. Once complete the box is then cut out and glued together (at home). They then have to carry that box to school which leads to some interesting conversations around campus. The box is fragile and will be crushed if they do not treat it carefully. I do not take crushed or mashed boxes. Again, just another way for kids to do research and present it without a long drawn out written paper.

Can be used for countries and states also.


Info-Box JPG file       Info-Box.doc file


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