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My Louisiana Vacation
A five day vacation planner/journal
from Greg English
Calcasieu Parish Schools

The student will create a vacation plan for a trip across Louisiana and keep a journal of their five days on the road.

The planned trip must include stops or visits to:
* At least ten parish seats
* The state capital
* Two state parks
* One zoo
* One historical landmark or location
* Two universities
* One water recreation area
* One city with a population of over 50,000
* One town of under 1,000
* One Native American site
Students may not "travel" through the same town/city twice

The journal needs to describe day to day events including:
* The major highways traveled (indicate if it is a sate, U.S. or interstate highway)
* All cities of 5,000 or more population that they drive through
* Create a story for what they did at each place they visited (hiked, got gas, visited family, ate, shopped, etc.)
* In the story you write, underline or highlight each of the requirements for the trip.
* Example: Day One. We started the day in Lake Charles and drove east along intersate 10 to just past Iowa where we turned north on highway 165. In Kinder we ate a Burger King, and asked for directions to the river canoe area. We then headed west to.....

The journal should be neatly written on loose leaf paper with name, date, headings.

The student will also have to prepare a three minute oral presentation on their 'trip'.

Materials need: Louisiana travel maps, brochures on state sites, tourist information booklets, and state almanacs.

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