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"Explorers Research"

Jodi Grindol†
F. K. White Middle School, ELA

"This research paper on a studentís chosen explorer, will be 200-words, either handwritten (every line used in body) or double-spaced typed. The report must have information taken from at least 4 different sources. This project includes all steps of the writing process and will span a four-week period. This assignment is a MAJOR part of a studentís six-week grade (equivalent to 6 grades or 60% of total average). ALL of the writing is to be done in class. A time frame for completion of each assignment in the attached material. Extra credit points will be given for illustrations or a 6 event timeline within the paper and/or an extra grade will be given for a satisfactory poster or collage accompanying the paper, or a 3-D model (diorama) of the person or event."

An Explorer that Changed Our History (word doc)

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