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"History Repeats Itself & Robert Todd's Story"

Gerry Doyle
former Louisiana History teacher at Oak Park Middle School

"I have known Gerry for many years and she was the best at what she taught. She always knew more trivia about Louisiana than anyone I had ever talked to. When she retired she began to clear everything out of her classroom. I bargained and begged for all the old notes, worksheets, lesson ideas, nic-nacs - everything. The goal was to get all this wealth of lesson material uploaded. Two years later I finally got around to it. Most of her worksheets need no explanation and I have included her own handwritten answer sheets where available. She also was best known for her resource materials with thousands of newspaper clippings, special editions, and old books."

These two items have nothing to do with Louisiana 'per say' but I've always found them interesting and so may a few students when you cover the Civil War or the Kennedy years.

Lincoln vs Kennedy        Robert Todd Lincoln

Louisiana Difference
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