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A Louisiana Geo Activity

from George Book
S.P. Arnett Middle, Calcasieu Parish Schools

1.The student will be able to write down and discuss the Five Themes of Geography concerning the founding and setting of the Louisiana colony.
2.The student will be able to write down and demonstrate the Five Themes through Economics of Geography in the program "Hands on, Shoes Off".
3.The student will be able to view a short film concerning the Five Themes all over the world call "Voyage of Discovery".

1.The students will write down the following heading: "GEO - Five Themes"
2.The students will take turns identifying each of the Five Themes.
3.The rest of the class will help with the final solution for each theme.
4.The student will write down the complete theme on the board, while the class writes it in their notebook.
5.We will discuss each theme as it concerns the founding and settling of Louisiana.
6.The class will then write the heading to a chart as follows:
ITEM - - - - - CONTINENT - - - - - THEME

7.The students will write down and identify items of clothing concerning their original location.
8.They will go to the continent markers for each item and we will discuss which theme fits the chart.
9.They will return to their seats each time to write down the appropriate information. The class at the finish of this geographic program will view the film "Voyage of Discovery"

Teacher will guide these geography activities

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