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"Round the state and the world in ? questions"

modified from Rafe Esquith
Hobart Elementary School, Room 56, Los Angeles

Been there. know that!

The attached assignment is based on the idea from the book "Teach like your hairs on fire" by Rafe Esquith. It has been modified to fit Louisiana history. Divide the students into teams of 4-8. Let them sit on their desk, on the floor, or somewhere that is not normal for them. They should have no books, no maps, no papers in front of them. It is a game of "team work". Have them select a "team spokesman" Tell them that you will only take an answer from the spokesman or you will move on to the next team. Then go around the room and begin asking question. Each question is ONE POINT. Questions in the early going could range from:

  • Name the parish just south of Calcasieu
  • Name the parish just north of Lafayette
  • Name the parish just east of Caddo
  • Name the parish just west of Evangeline
  • What river divides Natchitoches and Winn parishes
  • Cross Lake is in what parish
  • Name four parishes along Louisiana western side
  •  Marsh Island is in what parish

Come up with a list that should give ever group two or three questions Then move on to hard ones. Questions in the early going could range from:

  • Name the four parishes that surround Jeff Davis parish
  • Name the three parishes that surround Caddo parish
  • Name the five parishes that surround Tangipahoa
  • Name the two parishes that surround St. Bernard parish
  • Name all five parishes along the 31st parallel
  • Name all eight parishes along the 33rd parallel
  • Name the six parishes around Lake Pontchartrain

Again come up with a list that should give each group two or three questions Then move on to harder ones. Questions in the early going could range from:

  • Name the state that is to the southeast of Arkansas
  • Name the state that is to the west of Colorado
  • Name the four state that surround Texas
  • Name the state just to the east of Washington state
  • Name two sets of states that share a common name
  • Name four of the five Great Lakes
  • Name the smallest state in the United States
When a team earns 20 points they will get a bonus round. In this round they may start getting extra credit points or a small bit of candy or whatever 'favor' you choose. Bonus round questions get much harder.
  • Name the four states that border Mexico
  • Name the border Canada
  • Name the three states that border the Pacific Ocean
  • Name the five states that border The Gulf of Mexico
  • Name the seven oceans
  • Name the seven continents

If you get to this point you can raise the stake even higher. Each team now gets FOUR POINTS if the team gets the answer right BUT lose SEVEN points if they get it wrong. This makes students THINK before they speak. The questions go up to the highest level now.

  • What country is the largest in South America
  • What country in just to the west of Sweden
  • What country hosted the last Olympics
  • What country largest in the middle east
  • What two oceans surround Greenland
  • What two oceans surround Australia

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