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"the Folks" a folk-lore ice breaker

Greg English
OAK PARK MIDDLE - Calcasieu Parish

Looking for a way to get the kids started liking about Louisiana and its culture and unusual traditions? Take the work sheet attached and hand one to every student. Have them get up and find someone who has done one of the items listed. Then have that student sign the square. No square may have more than one signature.

Let them know that if they fib you will find out because you are going to ask questions about each square and they WILL get called on as an "expert". The squares could and should be modified to your region of the state such as in central Louisiana ask you has attend the 'Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days', in eastern Louisiana you might ask who knows what is in-between the East and West Pearl River? Make the assignment fit you local.

The Folks word doc.

Louisiana Difference
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