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"Welcome to "The Room"

Let the virtual tour begin... 
Entering the door of my room is almost an overload for the brain. There is an explosion of color, textures, and many times sounds.
Having both a social studies AND an art degree drove me to make the room as visually appealing as possible.
So many of the items in the room are teaching tools - everything from three legged cast iron pots, to wooded dough bowls, to models of boats and homes.
The students work in groups at tables allowing for lots of space to create dioramas, booklets, posters, and models. 
The classroom has a mini-lab for teams of students to create Power-Points, take online tests, and do research.
It has often been said that if a student can't learn something about Louisiana in this classroom, they can't learn it anywhere.
Even the ceiling tells the story of Louisiana's history through its flags.
Louisiana is known for its flavorful food and hot sauces. This wall rack features more than 100 different sauces made here in Louisiana. You will also find Coca Cola bottles celebrating many famous historical events.
The room was once a football equipment and weight room. Today cubbyholes that once held shoulder pads and helmets now hold bits and pieces of Louisiana history.
There's something for everyone - 1937 license plates, to 1920 typewriters, aprons from long gone restaurants, and Mardi Gras Masks.
Want to read a copy of the 1935 Crowley newspaper reporting the death of Huey Long? 
Need to demonstrated Cajun cooking or fiddle playing?
Forget how to spell a word, chances are it's right there above your head - on the ceiling. As I have said, the 'tools' are all here.
All we say here in our class and in our state....

For Louisiana facts, games, lesson plans, research, and more about my classroom.... 

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