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The Museum comes alive

    Not only can you get free admission for the Petite Museum of Louisiana can can also meet the local docent (a person who is a knowledgeable guide, esp. one who conducts visitors through a museum and delivers a commentary on the exhibitions) who will gladly take you on a tour around the place and show you what Louisiana history is all about. He may show up one day as a French Trapper...
french trapper  

or take you on the Corps of Discovery with Lewis and Clark or show you many of his pelts, hides, and skins. I have also ventured out to other schools to do presentations for elementary and middle school grades.

Holy Family
Catholic School




Christian School




  You could also get a chance to visit with a French Marine (soldier) from Ft. St Jean Baptiste du Natchitoches as he helped establish Louisiane's oldest settlement...You could run across a Spanish soldier from the Los Adeas fort also.


You could learn about what the countryside was like back then, learn about the early fort, play early games, and see and feel how they passed the time in the wilderness.

You might walk in one day and meet someone from early Nouvelle Orleans speaks to them about life in the earliest days of New Orleans. You could again learn about what life was like in the crescent city on the Mississippi.


   You might experience a visit with one of Lafitte's band of buccaneers and the goods they brought into New Orleans before the war. That could also welcome you to the battle of New Orleans and the War of 1812...


But one thing is for certain. You can never be bored in the Petite Museum as life takes you on a roller coaster ride though Louisiana's early beginnings.

Next year's museum offerings will also include my newest costume - a Spanish soldier from Fort Los Adeas (1740s) just outside of Natchitoches Luisiane, a civil war uniform, and also a member of Governor Huey Long's political following in the 1920s'.

We have also been visited by Senators, Mayors, DAs, Movie Actors, Governors, and local and state Beauty Queens who all have their own stories to tell.


I've even been featured on local TV as the "Louisiana man" being interview by John Bridges, KPLC TVs own Louisiana Traveler.

He and his wife even own a 1870 farm house in Cameron Parish he is restoring.


You could come across artifacts from across Louisiana. How many can you name?


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