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1850 - 1900

the Cajun

South Louisiana, near Vermilionville (later Lafayette)

The Characters:
Old Man Perry
Rebecca Perry (married James Willoughby)
Matthew Perry ('common law' married to Alida Thibodeaux)
Childen: Dolsin, Valsin, and one unnamed in film
Cousins Hypolite Leger and Belizaire Breaux

Film notes: The movie was shot in just 36 days using over 300 extras, 200 head of cattle, and three dozen horses. Most shots were taken at Acadian Village in Lafayette; Maison Acadienne (Acadian House) in Longfellow State Park was the site used as the Perry Plantation. The huge "Gabriel Oak" dominates the front lawn. The Harris Ranch was used for the cattle scene along with the three-mile-long road to Oak and Pine Ally Plantation. The swamp setting was Cypress Island/Lake Martin Swamp.
Sheriffs office: Abbeville, Vermilion Parish

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