Okay, thanks for dropping by, I have provided you with hundreds of lesson ideas, worksheets, activities, on this site; and all I ask it that you send me one idea that YOU have. Click on your favorite project on your own computer and send it to me so that I can share it with other teachers who are looking for that "one like" that helps them through the day. I love the fact that you found something on this site that helps you. I just wish you would help me help others. Other teachers may like what your kids like. We ALL have to work together for the betterment of OUR students here in Louisiana.
Send it to and help other teachers in need.

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A little bit about Louisiana101

Louisiana101 is not a major scholarly website put together by a staff of technology geeks, but rather a working document. Currently there are over 800 pages of information - 300 pages of lesson ideas, 80+ pages of reading materials, 400+ facts-of-the-day, and 300+ links to parish information. I am a middle school Louisiana/American/world history teacher with just simple ideas that 'might' help a new teacher.

I have moved on from the public school system but I have not stopped my building at this website. I continue to write, create, research, and build things that I can use in my own classroom as I have moved on to a private then on to a local Charter school. After that I was forced into retirement for medical reasons. I am still creating and collecting lots of Louisiana DVDs and materials that can help you if you just take a minute and look around.

Never knowing just what someone will be researching led me to put together a page on "Louisiana License Plates. I was interested in seeing just how often the state has changed styles of plates. As I gather additional photos I will add them to the page. You can purchase many of these plates through eBay.

A Lousiana101 search about our state's flags prompted me to add a page on the "Brief History of Louisiana's Flags ", and the links to more history including ones of bell ringers, games, great stories, student projects, maps, power-points, more activities, and general information.

I have moved on from the public school system but I have not stopped my building at this website. I continue to write, create, research, and build things that I can use in my own classroom as I have moved on to a private school then on to a local Charter school. After that I was forced into retirement for medical reasons. I am still creating and collecting lots of Louisiana/American DVDs and materials that can help you if you just take a minute and look around.

Once in a while I am honored to receive a Louisiana book that I get to read and recommend to my own supporters. A new The Treasure Team book has been a very good read. Mary van Rheene joined ranks with artist Allen Ebarb to create an interesting adventure book about north Louisiana. The book has been a fun read and I highly recommend you trying it. I will get back with you just as soon as it become available to the public.

Everyday I search the TeachersPayTeachers website and lots of other sites looking for something I can 'convert' to Louisiana history worksheets. As you have already found out, there is not much out there for us. I need your help but if not, I am still post as many things as I can come up with. If you find something you can use, have at it. The site is here for you.

What I really need is for teachers to stop thinking that their lessons are NOT good enough. Many fellow teachers are looking for one "bright idea" to use in class. No one really needs a "full blown, GLE-encoded, state mandated lesson". Most of us have those, we just need that one little worksheet or activity to round out our own lessons. So please take the time to send an email and attach that word document that you put together last week. Make it a habit.

When you create something for your class, EMAIL it to me so that other teachers don't have to "re-invent the wheel". It's also a great place for you to store your work sheets for later use. Help us all help the kids. Lately I've been getting emails from teachers around the state sending me items they have used. Please send yours.

Not a day goes by that a Louisiana history teacher somewhere in the state isn't looking for a short, simple idea to use in class. At Louisiana101 I strive to have just the right filler that has been field tested by other teachers in the state. If every teacher in the state would send in just one small idea this site would be overflowing with tried-and-true solutions to that "What do I do for this lesson?"

There have been numerous lessons recently added with more being typed daily. Feel free to exchange ideas anytime. All I ask is that you "exchange" - one of mine for one of yours. I have added many Louisiana Indian links. I have also added lots of items that I have gotten from other contributors on TpT. They have been so gracious to allow me to redo them and then post the revised "Louisiana" items here. I also added photos of a recent trip to Evergreen Plantation and Baton Rouge's State Capitals.

I also collect old Louisiana post cards so you will find a gallery of views here also. I am trying to update this site with all of my own lesson plans and with the help of student observers from McNeese and my students teachers I will add even more questions, maps, graphs, and charts. They are designed for either block or regular schedule. Posting all of them for your use is now my new goal. 

Lousiana101 will only work if YOU help make it happen. If you get only one idea for your class here, please return the favor by sending in a lesson idea of yours. Other teachers are always interested in finding new material, so please email me some of yours. 

I will continue to watch what people are looking for and try to add it to this site. A great place to find research information is in the READING ROOM where I am always adding more research materials and great links. Understand that this site is an on-going project of a working Louisiana history teacher, not some full-time webmaster. If you have any comments, tips, suggestions, or just want to help, please do so at the email link above. Teaching this subject each day drives me to want to make it as user-friendly as possible. Also I ask that you spread the word about the site. The more people  who visit, the ideas we all will get. It would be nice to get a couple of ideas from every parish in the state. 

Also I ask that you spread the word about this site. The more people who visit, the more ideas we all will get. The more ideas we get, the more you and they will visit. The more they visit, the better this site becomes, I have NEVER asked for any money and as a "retired" teacher this site cost more money than I need to spend but for you, I'll keep doing this. It would be nice to get some school information from every school and every parish in the state.

Fort St. Jean Baptiste

Louisiana street sign

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Find out what other teachers are saying!

"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful
that site was.  Last year was my first year of teaching, and I cannot
tell you how much I used this site.  This was one of the only websites
that I found that contained any material on LA history.  I do have some
of my own activities that I will be emailing you.  When I use your activities, my students
really enjoyed it!  I taught LA History, American History, and Free
Enterprise/Civics last school year, and I was even able to incorporate
some of your activities with my Amer. History class.  I would love to be
able to observe your classroom!  I think that your website was awesome
and I hope and pray that you put it back up so my students can enjoy the
wonderful activities!

  Jodee Fairchild
  Reeves High School"

"I received your email and I'd like to send you a few things I have used this year. I am getting together with my fellow 8th grade teacher Jeff Corbello and we are going to send you more things we used during the year. We love the site and would love to see it expand and help other teachers around the state!

  Niles Romero
  Crowley Middle School"

"I started teaching Louisiana History last year with no preparation( the teacher didn't show up ... for the year!).  Just wanted you to know you got me through.  I teach at Ascension Catholic where Brenda Harp taught many years ago. We still do her Mardi Gras Idea and go to the nursing home. 7th graders do umbrellas and 4th graders do red wagon floats.
I have not had an original thought in years!

thanks for your site
Yvonne Andrepont
Ascension Catholic Middle School"

"Weaving the math into the history is a GREAT idea! My students really get into a lesson when they see how interconnected everything they learn is. I LOVE how turning a lesson into a contest completely motivates the students to finish and keeps them ontask ... so simple, yet so effective."

Runde's Room
TpT website

"Hi there! I saw your forum post. When I went to your blog (that I joined long ago) Also, not sure if I want to admit it or not, but my grandmother's family streams from the Long's....interesting since I saw the Huey Long: Truth of the Matter! lol....just thought I'd stop by! Have a good one!."

Ann Marie Smith
TpT website

"Good morning. Please check out my Louisiana Studies materials. I think you will find them highly interesting and reasonably priced.  I figure I could help you as much as you are helping all the other Louisiana history teachers around the state."

Patti Daigle-Brown
Educational Insights Today
TpT website

"Hi there from Baton Rouge! I saw your post on the Forum, and was excited to see another person from Louisiana! I looked through your store, and you have some really great resources! I had the privilege of teaching Louisiana History to my 4th graders a lot of years. I loved it! :-) I am still working on getting my clip art shown in the weekly newsletter...maybe one day. I wonder...with 50 states and 52 weeks in the year, if the newsletter would consider having a "states" section (highlighting 1-2 states/week) and the other 2 weeks highlight people from around the world. I don't know. That idea just popped in my head. It would be helpful for those selling items that are state specific...

Best wishes!
Heidi Babin
The Doodle Oven

"Hi again.. You might remember I was the first teacher to rate your American History Magazine cover back in 2011 and featured you on my blog called Teacher Park. I don't know if you ever saw my posting about you on my blog but I gave you the URL in the comment I made about your magazine cover..... Okay.. I received a message from your Twitter account and it's very important that you know about it. I'd rather not post it here so if you would please let me know a way we can communicate I'll tell you what it is.. In fact I received another message from your Twitter account in the last hour. I design invitations for a large organization and send them out to hundreds of people so I'm very aware of what's happening on all of the social media sites. It's very important you know what I've been receiving from your account. By the way, if you don't want your buyers to see messages from me or anyone else you can delete them. :)

"Downloaded the free version of this and suspect that's why I can't rate it, but I loved it. Did it with a high school archaeology class (we were in a bit of the doldrums and this was perfect to get them going again). If you can, feel free to post an enthusiastic four stars for it. I also blogged about it with pictures and a video if you want to check it out. And, if you're interested.

Not sure how much ancient history you do, but I have a number of images and maps here at TPT (and hundreds more at home, if you're looking for something specific. And I've published Choose Your Own Adventure versions of Iliad, Odyssey, and Aeneid. Thanks again for the great activity.


I love your products. They are so real and useable. Thank you so much for representing Louisiana for us on TPT! Have you joined the Louisiana Blogger meet up on facebook? If interested, please e-mail me, Have a fabulous day!

Hi again.. You might remember me, we worked together at the LouisianaVoices Institute in Lafayette years ago. We were taught some really great stuff and went on some great adventures during that week. I have sent you some of my ideas, worksheets, and materials that I came up with after learning what we did. I noticed you have some great photos of that week. Have a great school year. -


Hey there!
I have actually been teaching Advanced English for five years up here at Haughton Middle School, but I appreciate the "Congrats!!!" I am so, so, so happy with the resources I got from you. I have been so excited about teaching Louisiana History, and I feel ten times more prepared now that I have found you!!! You are the best!!!

This is not actually a question, so I THANK YOU SO, SO, SO much for making such amazing Louisiana History resources available to other teachers!!! I am teaching eighth grade Louisiana History in Bossier Parish for the first time this year, and I have spent the last two hours, (and a good bit of my "back to school" teacher bonus,) obtaining your awesome resources for my classes this year. I just felt I had to e-mail you to thank you personally for sharing your wealth of knowledge and resources.

I hope you have a blessed year, and again, thank you so very much for sharing!

Thanks so, so, so much,


8th Grade LA History Teacher

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