Mailbag - Email inbox

It took a long time but this last email got me to thinking. Over the years I have gotten some great email and mail from my former SweetHearts and I never put them anywhere but 'filed away'. I finally reaized that I need to start sharing them with my former players and the rest of the worl. For this I'd like to thank Sarah for gitting this page started.

July 20, 2009 Sarah Bertrand, player: 1990-91

Hey, Coach Greg!!
I'm not sure if you remember me (used to be Sarah Sarah Davis), but Kristi Broussard let me know about your site and I loved it! I messed up the dates I played on the Guest Book, but maybe you can change that for me! :o) Anyway, I can't tell you how awesome it was to find out you're still coaching! Some of my best softball memories are from playing on your team, so I thank you for that! I did continue playing after I moved to Shreveport - played throughout high school, but had to give it up before college due to knee issues (had surgery on my right one between my Sophomore and Junior years of high school and, by the end of my Junior year, my left was about gone). I missed my Senior season because of the knee issues, but I stuck around to help coach the team. :o) I still play slow pitch with our church team up here and LOVE it! Thank you for helping foster the love of softball in me. I think it's wonderful that the girls you coach now are still benefiting from being able to learn from you. Hope you had a great season this year!
Sarah (Bertrand) Davis

July 21, 2009 Kristi Broussard, player: 1989-90

Hi, Coach Greg!!
"Its nice to see you too Coach English! I can't believe you are still coaching! I love the picture of me and Sarah on the Sweethearts website. Believe it or not I still play on a rec team in Moss Bluff, we use incrediballs but its still softball!"
Kristi Broussard

July 10, 2009 Brook Sorgee, player: 2008-09

Dear Coach
That video was awesomee. When i watched i cried, because i thought about all the fun i had playing for you, and with my team mates but,most of all,savannah. i miss her so much. She was and still is one of the most outgoing(est) of my friends that i know. See now im crying again. I will make sure i come see you next softball season. I miss you.
Brook Sorgee

February 23, 2009 Sara Sanford, player: 1986-87

Hi Coach!!!
Sara Sanford here.....great website!!! brings back memories!!! obviously, i must have repressed the memories of that horrible 86' season I just read about!!!! Hope all is well!!! Keep those girls in shape!!! I will always have fond memories of you and the sweethearts!!!!
Sara Sanford