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Lisa Fennell
Runnels School
Louisiaina history

Louisiana's Culture Project

I teach eighth grade Louisiana Studies in Baton Rouge, and my students do a project each year to share a little about Louisiana with the third graders at our school. I'm lucky enough to have K-12 on one campus so this is easy for me to do. Students are placed into 5 groups per class (one for each cultural region). Each group then prepares a game/activity, poster, table decorations, etc. (on rubric attached). On presentation day, students have about 5 minutes to set up and then the third graders rotate between stations playing games and learning about Louisiana. Unfortunately, we can no longer share Louisiana cuisine because of a large amount of food allergies at our school. Eighth graders love interacting with the third graders and they don't realize how much they have to "know" their material in order to teach it!

Project lesson plan

Louisiana Difference
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