Ch. 7-8 Spanish Era/Louisiana Purchase/Statehood

Greg English

Subject:  Social Studies
Grade Level:  8
Louisiana has had strong ties to the French culture but little is know about our Spanish Era and it's cultural influence. Students will get a better look at the Spanish government than just "Bloody O'Reilly".
Approximate Duration:  21 class periods
Content Standards:
  • History: Time, Continuity, and Change
         Students develop a sense of historical time and historical perspective as they study the history of their community, state, nation, and world.
  • H-1D-M1
         describing the contributions of people, events, movements, and ideas that have been significant in the history of Louisiana;
  • H-1D-M2
         tracing the development of the various governments that have been established in Louisiana throughout its history;
  • H-1D-M3
         identifying and discussing the major conflicts in Louisiana’s past;
Grade-Level Expectations (GLEs):
  • Louisiana History
    Grade 8

    72. Describe leaders who were influential in Louisiana’s development


    73. Describe and explain the importance of major events and ideas in the development of Louisiana


    77. Describe major conflicts in context of Louisiana history (e.g., Rebellion of 1768, the French and Indian War)

The students will: have a better grasp on how Louisiana's Spanish culture came into being through the textbook worksheets.
The students will: write the basic facts on the early Spanish governors and the coming of the Acadians..
The students will: take part in a teacher written play called the "The Revolution. The New Orleans look at 1776"
The students will: will look behind the story of 12th night.
The students will: will review the facts by taking quizzes online at
Lesson Materials and Resources:
Worksheets related to chapter
Copies of the "The Revolution. The New Orleans look at 1776" play
Fact Sheets
Technology Tools and Materials:

Projection Unit


•Mr. E's La. History Online
•Mr. B's Social Studies site

Background Information:
Students should have a limited knowledge of Louisiana history based on their fourth grade classes and 7th grade American history plus a desire to learn more about the new President Elect.
Lesson Procedures:
Every Day: As students enter the room they are given a "LaGumbo" worksheet as a daily bellringer. On the overhead projection screen they will first copy the Louisiana Fact of the Day (from Louisiana then do the constructive response question based on LEAP material. Answers will be written on the LaGumbo work sheet and turned in for a grade. At that point the daily lesson will begin with the projection Power-Point slideshow. The students will take notes on their daily "Fact Sheet" specific to that day's lesson.

Day one (Monday [1/05]): The lesson begins by how Spain acquired the colony of Louisiana, the Treaty of Fontainebleu, the Isle of Orleans and Governor Ulloa. students will be assigned the 1762 map worksheet.

Day two (Tuesday- 12th night): The lesson today covers the meaning of 12th night, where it began, other countries celebrations, and a brief look at the 12 days of Christmas song.

Day three (Wednesday): The lesson covers the coming of O'Reilly, the Acadians, and the problems the colony had before the American Revolution.

Day four (Thursday): The lesson deals with the American Revolution, Galvez, and protecting the Spanish colony.

Day five (Friday): Today will serve as a pop test to end the six weeks. The lesson will be picked up on Monday.

Day six (Monday [1/12]): Today lesson will cover Carondelet up through Pickney's Treaty. Students will be assigned the 1783 map assignment.

Day seven (Tuesday [1/13]): Due to the upcoming Inauguration, my principal wants the history department to cover the events leading up to the Inauguration. I have chosen today to cover some of the "Firsts" of a selected 10 presitents from Washington to Clinton just to give some background on the event. Students will have "Age" worksheet for homework

Day eight (Wednesday): Today I will be covering the theme for Inauguration Day which has been announced as "A New Birth of Freedom," in honor of Lincoln's birthday.

Day nine (Thursday): The lesson today will look back at Brack Obama's family tree and facts most students and Americans know about our president-elect. The photos and information were obtained from the TIME and CNN website.

Day ten (Friday): Today will cover little known facts about Barack Obama from the Obama-pedia website.

Day 000 (Monday [1/19]): Today is a school holiday - MLK - no lessons.

Day eleven (Tuesday): Today inauguration day and at this time I'm not sure what the school will have planned.

Day twelve (Wednesday [1/21]): Today I will pick up the next chapter (#8) as we look at the Louisiana purchase and its key figures, Napoleon, Jefferson, Livingston, Monroe. Students will complete the "3 Flags worksheet"

Day thirteen (Thursday [1/22]): Today we may view a video on the purchase then finish with Louisiana becomes a state and a look at W. C. C. Claiborne. Students will be assigned the Purchase Map.

Day fourteen (Friday): The lesson today will focus on what gets into the War of 1812, what happened along the east coast, and a short play about these events and how it effects New Orleans.

Day 000 (Monday): Teacher inservice - no school

Day fifteen (Tuesday): A look at the Baratarians and Jean Lafitte. I may dress the part today and tell the storys of how the pirate even plays into our local festival and how he helped at the Battle of New Orleans.

Day sixteen (Wednesday): A dress up day (in my War of 1812 military uniform) I will cover the battle with a power-point, map, and song.

Day seventeen (Thursday): We will watch a movie called the Buccaneers.

Day eighteen (Friday): We will watch a movie called the Buccaneers.

Day nineteen (Monday 2/2/09): We will watch a movie called the Buccaneers.

Day twenty (Tuesday 2/3/09): We will conclude Chapter 8 with a look at the stae -post war.

Day twenty-one (Wednesday 2/4/09): We will do a final review of Ch. 7- Spanish, and Ch. 8 American with a game of Jeopardy for Extra Credit.

Assessment Procedures:
Two "Pop-tests" where students may use their notes. Several online quizzes, homework-sheets, and a Chapter 7/8 Jeopardy game plus a War of 1812 project.
My 504 and resource students will get repeated instructions, worksheets, extended time for paperwork and/or tests plus to opportunity to improve their grades online as per requests from SpEd and Resource teachers.
          ----- written by Greg English  

Reproducible Materials:
Explorations and Extensions:
Students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit by taking relevant quizzes on
Lesson Development Resources:
20+ years of teaching from various texts
and my extensive travel around the state
First time I did this chapter using Power-Point and Fact Sheets. website copyright © 2009 Greg English