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Early Milestones

1983 Preseason Tournament

1983 Season
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2009 Season
  • First set of twins on the team - Hayleigh and Bayleigh.
  • First time I have ever had one player (Hayleigh) score two consecutive runs in on inning. (she scored then went in to run for the following batter and scored two pitches later)
  • First time I chose NOT to play a team the second time due to their unsportsmanlike conduct in the first game.
    Sept.2, 2009 - Coach's first granddaugther born, (she is the daughter of a former team mascot and the only male name of the all time roster). Looking forward to coaching Bayli Rayne in 11 years.
2010 Season
    First season to have a "mass" exit of 'should have returned' players. Three went off to play tourney ball and left the team to draft a whole new team. Another player left this team to go play for another team even though it's against SPAR's policy. And one other player just quit period. Coach got over it and put together his "New" SweetHearts.
    First season to begin to consider retirement from coaching. All due to lack of commitment from players. I've had two players quit, two that only play "sometimes" and several who don't show, call, or let me know when or if they will be here.
    First season to have multi-forfeits in a row due to lack of players. We actually ended the season with five forfeits in a row. The most of any season since we began back in 1983.
2011 Season
    First season in a long time that we did not get rained out of practice.
    Made it to an unbelievible 400 games.
    Have FOUR former SweetHearts working as assistant coaches this season PLUS four dads.
    First time the team has strung together 13 straight losses dating back to last season.
    First time the team ever won a game with less than one full inning.
    First time in four years without a forfeit.
2012 Season
    Celebrated my 30th year of coaching this team.
    Every player came back this year to help me celebrate the year. We only had to draft four new players.
    Ended up with two additional pitchers to add to the one I had coming back.
    We played in two preseason "traveling team" tournaments just to get ready for the season this year.
    Have two sets of twins on team this season.
    Have a player quit because of something on FaceBook.
    Won our first seven games this year.
    Having two players out with a boot with broken 'growth plates" and both of them catchers.
    Ending the undefeated season by playing the last three games with my last nine players.
    Ended the season on two forfeits; the last game due to two players being gone.
2013 Season
    Two players, one returning player - our pitcher - quit before season began.
    Struggled with players, assistant coaches, weather just to see if we could play games.
    Picked up a really good "new" player but we are still losing due to pitching issues but our new pitchers ARE coming along and they will get better as the year happens. It is a struggle but I can see the progess we are making each game.
    New player did not play much, missed many games. We struggled to get through each game to be able to finish season. Had my catcher go down with a figure injury. Lost most games this year.
    At the end of the season I told the team, parents, officials, park attendant and others that I was NOT coming back next year. I had had enough.
    This was not the way I wanted to leave the game I love but it was just "time to go".
    I HATE it but I have to leave. It's because of a medical forced retirement - basically a mini-stroke.
2014 Season

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