How it all ended

The year was 2014 and I had been limping around this past year plus I spent the winter unemployed. I did not want to quit but my spirits were really low, my finances even lower, and my grand-daughter moved away so there was no real reason to come back. I held off calling SPAR as long as I could, but they called me on a Friday and I did not answer knowing it would give me another couple of days to decide.

That Sunday at church I prayed about it and finally came to the conclusion that it was over, and to seal the deal I told Catlin that I was not coming back. I hurt deep but I knew I had given SPAR the best years of my life. It was just time to quit.

Sad as it sounds I have to move on and I will not go to the park this spring at all. I canít stand to see my team under someone elseís coaching. I may go back next year, but not now.

I love my girls Ė ALL of them.

Over the years various coaching opponents have joked that I should change the name to a "tougher sounding name" I never did. Today those coaches out of the game, no longer coaching and their teams just a distant memory while the SweetHearts have for 32 years continued on.

As for me, I've enjoyed the years coaching but this is definitely ...

The End

Savannah #15, we will miss you, Once a SweetHeart, always a SweetHeart.

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