30+ years


  Thirty years of coaching the same team. Almost half my own life has been devoted to this team, why am I still doing this? I know it is going to be tough to finally give it up but my goal is to have the team until my grand-daughter can play for me.

   I thought long and hard over the winter about even coming back. I told the park system to hold MY team and I would decide in the spring. They did and I did. In January I decided I would miss them too much so I resigned the paperwork and will have another year of coaching.

   I even talked to the SPAR director about letting me only draft 12 year olds so that this year could be my last but he said “NO”. But this year could be the next to last anyway. Next year I will only have to draft three players and I can officially say that “I have coached this team for more than half my life!” Sounds good to me.

   But knowing me I will continue on until my grand-daughter can play. At THAT point I will retire for good. If the Lord is willing that will be 40 years of coaching this team and time to give it up. I even told my wife that I would STOP at that point. 40 years would make me 71 years of age and then I could become a Hall of Honor member if the park says so.

   I love what I do and I know it is not a long season but I enjoy the girls. Who will assist me this spring – who knows? My assistants from last year said they were moving on. One to coach an older group of girls, one off to college, and another was not interested anymore. Who knows what the future will bring. Just one OLD man doing what has become a rite of spring for 30+ years.

   Come on Angela, Bailey, and Hannah; let’s see if you can carry this team of rookies. I have done it before and I know that I am not about the “Wins and Loses”. I am about playing the game I love so much.




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